Skewed Visions' original theatrical works are known for: charged non-linear narratives steeped in topical themes, environments that explore alternative vehicles for audience/performer relationships, and a no-holds-barred approach to multidisciplinary permissiveness.

Audiences have shared with us that our events are approachable and inclusive, cultivate deep questioning, and motivate a growing awareness of one’s own perspective and place in the world.

The subject matter for performances has ranged from historical and current events to political concerns and popular culture.
Skewed Visions has delivered performance experiences around the Twin Cities by staging shows in theaters, warehouses, office buildings, and art studios; inviting audiences to the back seats of cars driving around town, into houses, onto sidewalks, along city streets, on bus tours, at farmers’ markets, into grocery stores, on rooftops, and schools; and making work available via cell phones, websites, and through the mail.
relfected image of a man in a pool, but no man near pool

Impossible Performances (2022)

black dots on a white background

State of Loss (2021)

cubicle3 logo-v2-BIGcrop

Cubicle3 (2021)

Birds Of The Future

Birds of the Future (2019)

Picture from Want
Photo from Appetite (2017)

Appetite (2017)

Picture from Losing Kantor

Losing Kantor (2016)

Photo from EX - Created by Charles Campbell, October 2014
Photo from Invisible City

Invisible City (2013)

photo from Black water (2012)

Black Water (2012)

Photo Please Remain Seated
Photo Rubber Rooom

The Rubber Room (2011)

Photo Cubicle 2 - phone

Cubicle 2 (2010-2011)

Photo Cubicle1 Logo

Cubicle 1 (2009-2010)

Photo He Woke Up In A Strange Place Called Home And Although Looking For Bed He Kept Finding Death Instead

He Woke Up In A Strange Place Called Home And Although Looking For Bed He Kept Finding Death Instead (2009)

A man in a brown paper suit sitting at a conference table in an office
Photo Unbranded - unbranded's writing
Photo Island of Chekhov - image of the color red

Islands of Chekhov (2008)

Photo visits With Woyzeck - drawing a straight black stroke at the bottom and a circle at the top right

Visits With Woyzeck (2008)

strangeLove featured - bright sign with strange love written
The hidden room - 2007 - boy with magnifying glass that magnifies one of his eye-
the city itself featured - from The series took place September through November, 2004

The City Itself (2004-2005)

photo from pipes - ipes was a multidisciplinary piece layering a short story by Julio Cortázar,

Pipes (2003-2004)

man under the umbrella- by Gülgün Kayim 2003

The Orange Grove (2003)

You are here - by Charles Campbell and Steve Epley - black and white photo
The Eye in the Door by Charles Campbell and Steve Epley, August 1999 - photos street performers

The Eye in the Door, part 3: The Bicycle (1999)

The Eye in the Door pt2 - by Gülgün Kayim, August 1998 - people devouring parts of human bodies

The Eye in the Door, part 2: Breakfast of Champions (1998)

photo Untitled#1 - woman in chief beee over a pile of rubble

Untitled #1 (1998)

photo from Urban Sirens - a mermaid woman bandaged

The Eye in the Door, part 1: Urban Sirens (1997)