The Eye in the Door, part 2: Breakfast of Champions (1998)

Created by Gülgün Kayim, August 1998

The Eye in the Door pt2 - by Gülgün Kayim, August 1998

Performers: Charles Campbell, Paul de Cordova, Cristopher Tibbets, Rebecca (Myers) Yoho,
Design: Rebecca (Fuller) Jensen

In the midst of Minneapolis’s Farmers’ Market, in an elaborately designed vendor tent, a series of tableaux vivants reveal several diners in formal dinner wear at a feast. Progressing from decorous to giddy to sloppy to violent, the main course of the dinner is revealed to be a woman that the diners consume. Inspired by the life of Cora Pearl, the piece ended with the diners turning on each other until the table itself ate the diners.

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