Skewed Visions relishes opening doors and minds to thinking differently. This is what we have done from our 1997 installation, Urban Sirens, in an office storefront window, to our cell phone/GPS enabled exploration Invisible City, through our 2019 exploration of dystopian chaos and hope, Birds of the Future, to our latest by-mail COVID Memorial performance, State of Loss.

In addition to creating original performance work, our programming includes many ongoing forums for passionately exploring, discussing, improving, and thinking about art of all kinds, including ScreenNotesBook Talk, and How Dare You!, all available to members at no charge.

Further, we encourage thoughtful work by providing three artists with mini-residencies to make their own original work three times a year in 3PLAY.

Photo from You Are Here

Shuji Terayama, "Manifesto" The Drama Review, December 1975

"The theater is neither a set of facilities nor a building. It is the ideology of a place where dramatic encounters are created. Any place can become a theatrical space. At the same time, if no drama develops there, a theater may simply become part of the landscape of daily life. Those of us who consider ourselves dramatists take it as crucial to be able to organize our imaginations in such a way as to change any location into a theater... to reflect upon theater is to reflect upon the city."

The Founders

Skewed Visions was founded in 1996 by Charles Campbell, Gülgün Kayim and Sean Kelley-Pegg.

Charles Campbell

Co-Founder, Artistic & Managing Director

Charles is an interdisciplinary artist, interested in work that thinks for itself. He facilitates perpetual conversation exploring the possibilities of art through Petri Dish, Cubicle & 3PLAY.

Gülgün Kayim


Gülgün an interdisciplinary theater artist, writer, and teacher. She has been recognized for her work through numerous grants, awards, and fellowships.

Sean Kelley-Pegg


Sean is a multimedia artist. He creates works that explore intimacy in the urban environment by mining the relationships between media, performance, and site.