Sean Kelley-Pegg


Sean Kelley-Pegg is a multimedia artist creating works which explore intimacy in the urban environment by mining the relationships between media, performance and site.

His latest work is Decoy, a video for internet viewing which can be seen in the recent Skewed Visions Cubicle series.  Different versions of the video are delivered depending on how the viewer arrives at the site.  He created Strange Love (device), a site-specific installation, for the Skewed Visions Strange Love event. Strange Love (device) began as an altered photo booth which led into a secret surveillance chamber that visitors navigated on their way to watch the performance.

In Time For Bed (2006) he created a pair of site-specific projections for an historic office building, part of the old Grain Belt brewing complex. The videos explored the sensual relationship between an artist, his puppets, and the very fabric of the building he is trapped in. Time for Bed traveled to Russia in 2007 as part of the Days and Nights series. In The Taxi (2004), he directed a site-specific performance for a Minneapolis taxicab. Participants accompanied the driver as he picked up an unanticipated passenger.

Kelley-Pegg directed Charles Campbell’s Pipes in August, 2004, and an accompanying short film, Fortunately. He received the Intermedia Arts Art Inside/Outside Space installation commission in 2003 for the sound installation Side Walk. He created large video projections for Skewed Visions production The Orange Grove. He managed and produced the 1998 production of Untitled #1 and conceived and produced the second performance-by-mail series Take Out in collaboration with graphic artist Kristin Johnson. Kelley-Pegg directed Skewed Visions first performance, La Traviata, at the Walker Art Centers OUT THERE ARTCORE 9 event in January 1997.

From 1990 to 1992 Kelley-Pegg founded and worked collaboratively with the physical theater company The Conspiracy at Minneapolis venues such as the Hennepin Center for the Arts, Space Space and the Southern Theater. Kelley-Pegg was Assistant Director and Dramaturg to Ping Chong in his 1994 production of Undesirable Elements at the Illusion Theater. Kelley-Pegg studied at the New School University in New York City and holds an M.F.A. from the University of Minnesota.

Sean Kelley Pegg

Works by Sean

Invisible City – June 2013
Please Remain Seated (selections) [with Charles Campbell & Gülgün Kayim]- June 2011
Cubicle 2 (Decoy) – January 2010
Jasper Johns (Watchman/Decoy) – June 2008
Unbranded (Decoy; after Jasper Johns)– April 2008
Strange Love (Device) – September 2007
Days & Nights (Time for Bed) – Spring 2006
The City Itself [with Charles Campbell & Gülgün Kayim] – Fall 2004
Take Out (by-mail performance) [with Kristin Johnson] – August 1998
The Eye in the Door, part 1: Urban Sirens – May 1997
La Traviata – January 1997