Jasper Johns (2008)

A man in a brown paper suit sitting at a conference table in an office

Created by Gülgün Kayim, Sean Kelley-Pegg, & Charles Campbell at the Ritz Theater, Minneapolis This work was the result of an American Masterpieces grant from the National Endowment for the Arts through the Minnesota State Arts Board. American Masterpieces is a major national initiative to acquaint Americans with the best of their cultural and artistic…

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Unbranded (2008)

Photo Unbranded - unbranded's writing

Skewed Visions took part in Unbranded, a series of works inspired  by conversations between artists in April 2008. As described by Paula Mann, who initiated the event: “More than a series of new work, Unbranded is an ongoing effort that encourages dialogue between interdisciplinary artists about the challenges of making art in a market-ready, commodity-driven society. This conversation…

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Days and Nights (2006)

The hidden room - 2007 - boy with magnifying glass that magnifies one of his eye-

In celebration of its tenth anniversary, Skewed Visions presented Days and Nights, an immersive performance experience created by the company for the historic Grain Belt Brewery office building, between April 14 and May 14, 2006.   Consisting of Sean Kelley-Pegg’s Time For Bed, Charles Campbell and Cherri Macht’s A Quiet Ambition, and Gülgün Kayim’s The Hidden Room, this series of…

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The City Itself (2004-2005)

the city itself featured - from The series took place September through November, 2004

The City Itself was a performance triptych created by the company that traversed landscapes both real and imagined, private and public. Consisting of two site-specific performances and a sound installation, the series invited viewers to explore secret spaces and hidden lives, using Minneapolis as the canvas. The series framework allowed us to take an extended look…

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