Please Remain Seated (2011)

Created by Charles Campbell, Gülgün Kayim, and Sean Kelley-Pegg

Please Remain Seated (2011) - a nuit blanche (2011), phto of a bus walking down the street that overnight from June 4 at 8:55pm to June 5 at 5:28am.
As part of Northern Spark: a nuit blanche (2011), Skewed Visions presented Please Remain Seated, overnight from June 4 at 8:55pm to June 5 at 5:28am.
Skewed Visions’ contribution to this event was a set of audio performances tailored for the 15 festival buses and their drivers, along the routes and for the duration of Northern Spark: a Nuit Blanche. Giving riders a glimpse into the inner life of driving and being driven as they navigate the city, Please Remain Seated explored the forgotten spaces of a system of public transit and the dynamics within a system of public service.
Please Remain Seated ranged from short enigmatic pronouncements to longer monologues, from the haiku of paying the fare to the historical epic of the cross-town journey. These performances offered rider-audiences insight into the world of bus drivers, the routes of the buses, and an opportunity to experience the mystery, intimacy and the terror of missing your stop from the other side of the steering wheel.


The 15 Please Remain Seated audio pieces are now available here: