Islands of Chekhov (2008)

Created by Charles Campbell

Photo from Island of Checkov - image of the color red

…we could be in the presence of the unicorn and we would not know for certain that it was one. We know that a certain animal with a mane is a horse, and that one with horns is a bull. We do not know what the unicorn is like...
– Jorge Luis Borges

A film-installation, Islands of Chekhov was inspired by the proximity of the death of Anton Chekhov of tuberculosis in July 1904 and the revolutionary march on the Winter Palace a few months later in January 1905 known as Bloody Sunday. Taking these events as marking a major shift in relations between individuals and the world, the piece explored the representation of history and violence through a mash-up of stories, reports, translations, and short scenes from Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, that questioned the way we view history, revolution, culture, and ourselves. It was projected in front of the windows of the Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater while passersby trudged through the early March snow.

Featuring the voices of Blake Bolan, Molly Britten-Campbell, Anthony Campbell, Arthur G. M. Campbell, Arthur M. Campbell, Charles Campbell, Elliott Durko Lynch, Nina Gasteva, Michail Ivanov, Anastasia Kadruleva, Gülgün Kayim, Sean Kelley-Pegg, Cherri Macht, Lewis McKinnell, Susan McKinnell, Vladimir Rovinsky and Rebecca Yoho.

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