Want (2018)

Want (2018)

Created by Charles Campbell in collaboration with the performers Erika Hansen & Megan Mayer

Commissioned as part of the 2018 Right Here Showcase

Picture from Want - by Charles Campbell 2018

Walking in New York city in April 2018, I was struck by the sight of a building that as so tall and thin it looked like a toy. Back in Minneapolis I discovered it was 432 Park Avenue, a luxury condominium building – the tallest residential tower in the hemisphere, with units priced at up to $82 million and a design based on a Josef Hoffmann trash can. It is estimated that 90% of the units will remain unoccupied for more than 10 months a year. Want was inspired by income, wealth, and status inequities. With two performers, two chairs and a trophy, the piece follows cycling trajectories of desire, fulfillment, dissatisfaction and resentment through performance.

Picture from Want

Pictures from Want


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