Unbranded (2008)

Skewed Visions took part in Unbranded, a series of works inspired  by conversations between artists in April 2008.

photo from Unbranded - unbranded's writing

As described by Paula Mann, who initiated the event:
“More than a series of new work, Unbranded is an ongoing effort that encourages dialogue between interdisciplinary artists about the challenges of making art in a market-ready, commodity-driven society. This conversation encourages artists to consider how breaking free of preconceived notions about their work (brands) frees their creative process and uproots audience expectations.”

Unbranded took place in the Ritz Theater in Northeast Minneapolis and began as a series of directed conversations between the artists who then presented work as part of this series. These artists were:

Time Track Productions (Paula Mann, Steve Paul) – The Wandering Ones
Laurie Van Wieren – like a movie i saw once
Michelle Kinney – Anon, and Sometime Before That

Skewed Visions:
Charles Campbell – Theater Piece
Gülgün Kayim – Staged, a diagram for performance
Sean Kelley-Pegg – Decoy, after Jasper Johns

Other Works