December 2019

Egon Schiele - Sleeping couple-December 2019

December 2019 O OUTRO (The Other) by Felipe Mafasoli & Juliana Neves In a performative context we portray a love story. A filmic regard on relationship. The performance finds itself on the spot. An experiment with time. Felipe Mafasoli studied Drama at Academia Contemporanea do Espectaculo in the beautiful city of Porto whereafter he worked…

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April 2019

photo from Earth Odyssey - April 2019

Directed and performed by Zoe Cinel Web Designer and tech operator: Jaffa Aharonov Earth Odyssey (You Are Still Here) is a participatory, multimedia performance and an ongoing exploration of global phenomena such as immigration, tourism and cross-cultural communication. Earth Odyssey follows the fragmented journey of a “non-resident alien” trying to navigate a new context, cultural…

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December 2018

Hit Broadway Musical by Kenzi Allen - December 2018

#1 Hit Broadway Musical by Kenzi Allen. An exploration of the expectations and realities of life as a graduate of a performing arts program. A snapshot inside the mind of an artist in their early 20s battling questions like, Who am I as an artist? What is my life? All while finding comforted in childhood…

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August 2018

photo from August 2018

Sitting Among the Stars (excerpt) In the last six months I have been researching – little brown bats, moose and other species that aren’t doing so well in the State of Minnesota. This work has been thru the Bell Museum: Resident Artist Research Program. I have met with driven scientific researchers, seen slides of moose…

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April 2018

Magic Dyke - April 2018

Born January 5th, 2017, Magic Dyke is an explosion of gender fluidity bound to captivate and stir the minds of all who gaze in awe. Exploring realms of masculinity, feminity, boy, girl, and everything in between Magic works to redefine what it is to be a creature of this strange world. While Drag plays a…

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August 2017

‘No, forget it, I am sorry. There is no point in speculation.’ Created by Holo Lue Choy - August 2017

(Preview #2) ‘No, forget it, I am sorry. There is no point in speculation.’ Created by Holo Lue Choy Performed by Shayna Allen and Holo Lue Choy “No, forget it, I am sorry. There is no  point in speculation.” was a series of pieces exploring jealousy, manipulation, and toxicity within relationships where boundaries are undefined. Inspiration…

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August 2016

Genius child by FishWife Theater Company - agosto 2016

Genius Child by FishWife Theater Company (Jesica Springer + Jonah O’Hare-David) One hundred and twenty years since Plessy v. Ferguson, and 62 years since Brown v. Board and our schools are still separate and unequal. Genius Child pulls it’s name from a poem by Langston Hughes. Hughes’s poem speaks to the way children’s intelligent minds…

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April 2016

Noah + Rubbish by Six Families - aprile 2016 - spiral

Noah + Rubbish by Six Families. Six Families is a collection of musicians that aims to create opportunities for both performers and listeners to participate in honest, thoughtful, and compelling experiences relating to sound/silence/song. They presented new work on keyboard, percussion, and cornet.     Theatre Arts (Sacrifice) by Eric Larson (created in collaboration with…

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October 2014

TFC by Clark Bremer - October 2014

TFC by Clark Bremer Clark presented on Timber Frame Construction – buildings made of large timber fastened with traditional mortise and tenon joinery – no metal! Clark Bremer is a former researcher at Bell Labs, and former VP of the Timber Framers Guild. Currently writing software again, he still teaches Timber Framing at the Guild,…

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June 2014

Culinary Presentation

RANT Written and performed by Lisa Channer (with Dan Dukich) Directed by Carra Martinez Based on R. Buckminster Fuller’s two day lecture entitled “everything I know” and Channer’s father’s 40 years as a cable news talk show host in Manhattan. It is about the ethics of parenting, failure in all forms and how to hold…

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