State of Loss (2021)

black dots on a white background

Created by Charles Campbell by mail Sent October 9 –  October 30, 2021. Reception dates varied. Skewed Visions produced a memorial by-mail performance commemorating the losses we have faced since the first death in the US from COVID. Titled State of Loss, it was created by Charles Campbell after the pandemic shut down all performing…

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Cubicle3 (2021)

Curated by Charles Campbell In the middle of a turbulent year of pandemic and uprising, with “essential workers” on the “front lines” and others working from home, we presented Cubicle3: Work. Now. We commissioned short videos inspired by these changes, challenges, and new circumstances. These works stand as markers of that moment in 2020 when…

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Birds of the Future (2019)

Birds Of The Future

Birds of the Future (2019) Created by Charles Campbell at Fresh Oysters Performance Research, Minneapolis May – June 8, 2019 Performers: Erika Hansen, Megan Mayer, Felipe Mafasoli, and Charles Campbell Installation: Jess Kiel-Wornson Sound design and original music: Mike Hallenbeck A piece about apocalypse, chaos, and hope. A taxonomy of failed utopian impulses. A cycle…

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Want (2018)

Picture from Want

Want (2018) Created by Charles Campbell in collaboration with the performers Erika Hansen & Megan Mayer Commissioned as part of the 2018 Right Here Showcase Walking in New York city in April 2018, I was struck by the sight of a building that as so tall and thin it looked like a toy. Back in…

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Appetite (2017)

Photo from Appetite (2017)

Created by Charles Campbell APPETITE was an experiment in performance using the principle of audio feedback as a creative tool made live in collaboration between Skewed Visions co-founder Charles Campbell and composer/sound designer Ted Moore. Inspired by sources as varied as Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle, Chris Marker’s sci-fi film-novel, La Jetee, the…

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Jasper Johns (2008)

A man in a brown paper suit sitting at a conference table in an office

Created by Gülgün Kayim, Sean Kelley-Pegg, & Charles Campbell at the Ritz Theater, Minneapolis This work was the result of an American Masterpieces grant from the National Endowment for the Arts through the Minnesota State Arts Board. American Masterpieces is a major national initiative to acquaint Americans with the best of their cultural and artistic…

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