Skewed Visions Membership

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Join all the Skewed Visions Members for only $35 a year. As part of our ongoing efforts to facilitate and support an ongoing conversation about art, we are moving to incorporate membership to help support our programming. In fact, our … Continue reading


3-Play800wide photo: Willis Bowman

3-Play is a new series in which Skewed Visions invites three artists making exciting work to each create original short work for the Skewed Visions studio. For the first 3-Play (January 19, 2014) we asked Blake Bolan, the pair Emily … Continue reading

Invisible City

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Created by Sean Kelley-Pegg, June 11-30, 2013 You receive an urgent message: “I have the documents for you. Meet me in the cafe. Make sure you’re not being watched.” Will you follow his instructions? Invisible City was a free public … Continue reading